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Jain Philosophy: A Scientific Approach to Reality

Jain Philosophy: A Scientific Approach to Reality

Jain philosophy, having discarded ad hocism, miracles and God

the Creator, firmly believes that all phenomena in the Universe,

involving both, the living and the non-living, operate on the basis of

certain laws, which are inviolable. In this sense it is very similar to the

current scientific approach. The great edifice of Jain philosophy has been built upon certain laws, principles and observations, with much emphasis on knowledge and logic. The only, and the most significant difference between Jain philosophy and scientific theories is that these principles, laws and observations were enunciated by enlightened Tīrthaṅkaras, who attained omniscience by meditational and spiritual practices by super sensuous techniques, transcending the imperfect sense organs and mind, whereas scientific theories are based on direct observations by senseorgans, empowered by technology and supplemented by sound theoretical, mathematical logic. The approach thus is distinctly different but the goal is the same – to understand the laws behind operation of the Universe.

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